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QuEChERS Sample Preparation Method

What is QuEChERS Sample Preparation Method?

QuEChERS (pronounced “catchers”) stands for Quick, Easy, Cheap,Effective, Rugget and Safe – the qualities that describe this sample preparation method for food substances and biological fluids. The technique is very simple, involves a minimum of steps and is effective for clean up of complex samples.

QuEChERS is an upgrade version of SPE. They have similar function but the preaparation method for QuEChERS  is much easier. With QuEChERS you can prepare your samples in multi-class, multi-residue pesticide  analysis while saving time and money.


In 2003, M Anastassisdes developed a simple way to prepare food samples for pesticide analysis. It’s called QuEChERS (pronounced as “Catchers”), an acronym for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe. With QuEChERS, you could prepare your samples in multi-class, multi-residue pesticide analysis while saving time and money. Welch Materials provides high quality, competitive priced Welchrom® QuEChERS for your sample preparation.

How QuEChERS works?

QuEChERS extraction method is designed for multi-residue pesticide analysis of fruits and vegetables with high water content (80%-95%). Some compounds will interfere the detection of target pesticide, such as chlorophyll, fatty acid, pigment, which could be removed by QuEChERS. QuEChERS can be performed by three different methods, The AOAC 2007.01 Method, the EN 15662 Method or the Original Non-Buffered Method.

Some QuEChERS methods add buffers during the extraction step. The two most common methods are the

1. European  Committee of Standartisation (CEN 15662) method which applies citrate buffer for extratction

2. Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC 2007.01) method using acetic acid buffer


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