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Pride of Drug Discoverer

Pride of Drug Discovery™ is a compact and competitively priced Chromatography  for purification/separation of compounds. It is a bit like a Swiss army knife for anybody in various types of Drug Discovery activities.  Instead of creating “proof of concept”  Drug Discoverer must create value!  Value means recipes/protocols that are made with Pride and reflecting Professionalism, Precision, and Productivity. This will lead to progress and more job security.


Why is Pride of Drug Discoverer the right tool for me?

Pride of Drug Discoverer is for a wide range of professionals including medicinal and organic chemists in drug discovery departments in large pharma companies, ethnopharmacists, phytochemists, natural product chemists in research institutes, and SMEs, biotechnologist and peptide chemist in specialized SMEs, etc.

If one asks Drug Discoverer how they find new drugs then they use the term “serendipity”, – meaning a stroke of luck. For decade’s many researchers try to find laws of nature to convert luck in predictability. They are trying to find rational parameters to increase the rate of success. The field is large and complex, and progress is slow.

Managers are afraid to lose knowledge by drug discoverer. Indeed they manage with distance and control, by commoditizing their environment and by unpredictable staff-turnover.  The resultant is growing job insecurity, declining productivity, and rising costs. (Download the in-depth analysis  click here)

Don’t kid yourself, productive AI-driven Drug Design maybe in 10 to 20 years!

With almost no laws of nature, it is impossible to design new drugs. New drugs are still made by skilled and motivated people.  A few years back we engaged in the synthesis of intermediates. The recipes were supplied by our clients. Unfortunately non of the recipes were reproducible, – none.  Managers never realized that every new compound discovered comprised value even if it was not bioactive!

Every Drug Discoverer has his preferred Synthesis tool that is producing target products and by-products.  To create value we present the Pride of Drug Discoverer, a competitively priced, compact semi-prep chromatography system that empowers the user to also perform bead-based processes.

Managers believe that artificial intelligence will soon make Drug Discoverer obsolete. To create artificial intelligence systems we need systems that have clear and reproducible patterns and data.  Recipes in downstream processes are built to be cost-efficient and reproducible. This knowledge cant is used to create new to the world New chemical or biological entities.

Doers in society have a special mindset!

Pride of Drug Discovery together with a 4 P mindset in people will create value and precision. This is essential to evolve artificially intelligent drug design.  With the sale of Pride of Drug Discovery, we hope to induce Passion for Professionalism, Precision, and Productivity in the Mindset of the Drug Discoverer.

Pride of Drug Discovery™ – is our answer to the problem

  • Pride of Drug Discovery™ is a compact and competitively priced purification/separation instrument, a bit like a Swiss army knife.
  • It can be used to purify new compounds, to fractionate by-products and target-product to obtain high purity.
  • It is easy to handle and is touch menu-driven.
  • You should collect all fractions because they tell a lot about raw material purity and reaction quality.
  • The Pride of Drug Discovery™ is a personal device of the Drug Discoverer.
  • The instrument doesn’t care whether you are male, female, black, or white, what title or socio-economic background you have. It is your personal assistant that has only one purpose, to make you more successful.
  • You can do with it what you consider best for achieving your 4P goals. The instrument should convey to your superiors: “Trust me I will be loyal and productive!”.
  • In collaboration with LCC we will propose to apply new subprocesses and supply information for process tricks.
  • The Pride of Drug Discovery™ can be used to purify solvents or intermediates.
  • It doesn’t make sense to perform data mining of recipes that are not reproducible. Pride of Drug Discovery™ changes this game.
  • You can use the instrument competitively.  Show your superiors or colleagues that you understand purification/separation technology as you understand chemical/biochemical synthesis. Show them your chromatographs and column you are using
  • A set of spare parts is supplied. We will show you how to maintain and optimize your instrument. Your competitors will depend on maintenance contracts – but you are different and competent to solve problems.
  • In a homogenized world, people are controlled by people with ulterior motives. It is important that the Pride of Drug Discovery™ is a personal device. You don’t need to be controlled – You have decided to be loyal, productive, precise, and successful. Value creation makes you different.
  • In the post-Corona world technically, skilled peoples will have to create an economic activity to ease unemployment. The Asians are already changing the path of life sciences. It is time to reinvent and revitalize mechanisms that must lead to success that is a passion for professionalism, precision, and productivity. We hope that the Pride of Drug Discovery™ system will be used in many companies, Industries, and universities
  • We endeavor to build a community of innovative and creative individuals that have developed new workable tricks to evolve novel bioactive compounds.


Details of Pride of Drug Discovery

Pride of Drug Discovery™ is a highly effective, competitively priced compact preparative purification/separation system containing

  1. Industrial PC
  2. Column mounting system
  3. Preparative gradient pump,
  4. Automatic inject valve
  5. UV-VIS DAD detector and
  6. Fraction collector with tube rack.
  7. Product Flyer
  8. Product guide
  9. Table of Content  from Product Guide
  10. Innovative Subprocess Guide

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Additional information

Weight 60000 g
Dimensions 48.2 × 50.0 × 67.8 cm