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Consensus FC 2096


What is Consenus FC 2096

Consenus FC 2096 is  used in semi-prep, preparative  and flash Chromatography to collect the sample fraction
It collects fractions according chosen method which can be created manually using keyboard, just as using
ECOMAC software.

Tere is an analog input to allows fractioning directly by signal from detector.
Two racks are easy removable and available for three tubes type. C

ollect/waste valve is assembled.

Fraction collector operating modes:

  1.  Collect all
  2.  Level (different up and down value)
  3.  Slope (different up and down value)
  4. Using digital inputs (next, collect, waste)
  5. Time shift of all collections functions
  6. Any type if it is collected by Ecomc Software

•Fraction collector functions main features:
• Unit simplicity
• Easy programming of fraction collection
• Possibility to connect electronically controlled valve for special flow functions
• Display information of running process
• Manual unit control from keyboard
• Compact size fits in most fume h