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Princeton pioneered SFC and HPLC

Princeton pioneered SFC and HPLC

Princeton Chromatography Inc. (PCI) located in 259 Prospect Plains Road, Cranbury, New Jersey USA

Princeton pioneered SFC.  It was Dr Walt Caldwell that was one of the first chemist to manufacture Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) separation materials.

We represented PCI since the early days when  few  small equipment manufacturers tried to convince the market about the benefits of SFC. 

Why should I use SFC columns from Princeton for Field/Application?

As pioneers Princeton have a acquired over the years lots of experience and skills in surface chemistry and column packing.  As Family enterprise the owners are proud and frugal people. They make sure that customers are happy and get a competitive and hiquality of product deal. 

The product range and Services provided

Packed SFC Columns

Packed HPLC Columns

Bulk Media

Princetons mission is to offer our customers a complete chromatography solution. That encompasses most of the stationary phases in bulk form. Each stationary phase is available in a variety of particle sizes, ranging from 10u to 20u for spherical and much larger on irregular silica. We have the capacity to produce multiple kilogram quantities of media and can support even the largest projects. Our bulk bonded media has been proven time and time again as highly scalable and extremely reliable. All bulk media provided by Princeton Chromatography is custom bonded on site and is subjected to extremely stringent quality standards.

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Prep Column Packing Services

We are proud to offer custom column packing services at our facility in Cranbury, NJ. At Princeton Chromatography, we have the capability to custom packing at Cranbury, NJ columns up to 50 mm I.D. No job is too big or too small. With over 30 years of column packing experience, our production team is highly skilled. We can provide one to two day turnaround times on smaller jobs. We are flexible and willing to meet your challenges. Princeton Chromatography also specializes in packing matched sets of columns for SMB applications with a heavy focus on repacking bulk chiral media. We have provided these columns to many satisfied customers all over the world. Please contact us for more detailed information about our column packing services.

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Contract Purification

Princeton has  the most cutting-edge tools to meet your purification needs. In addition to HPLC, we also offer SFC services. Princeton Chromatography is home to two Berger Instruments SFC units, both analytical and preparative scale. Whether you are looking for a few milligrams or multiple gram quantities, we can deliver.

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Method Development

Princetons Chromatograhy skilled chromatographers are waiting to help develop your next method. From technical advice and column selection assistance to validation, Princeton Chromatography can provide solutions for all of your method development needs. Please contact one of our chromatography experts for more information.

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