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Specialty Pumps for Chromatography

Parallel LC Pumps P10 with  Ten Heads

This pump contains ten pump heads and pistons that are consolidated in two blocks of five heads. The pump is designed for parallel Flash and MPLC operations. The Pump heads are made from high quality  SS 1.4571. 

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Our Parrallel  LC Pump is used in a number of custom manufactured High Through Put system!

High Through Put System have to be engineered to customer requirements.  Every clients has a different set of circumstances and needs.   It is important that all variables are taken into consideration (Operators, Skill level, output, chemical engineering, costs etc)

Please contact us for preliminary discussions. We have more than 20 years experience in developing many different parallel  technoloigies. We can satisfy any customers requirement and budget.

Gradient Flash & Fraction Collector
Parallel Flash System with 5 disposable Cartridges, Gradient Former and Fraction Collector
Parallel Flash 5
Gradient parallel Flash with 5 disposable flash cartridges, UV detector and fraction collector
10 parallel Flash in Diagnostics plant
Diagnostic manufacturing plant using isocratic 10 parallel Flash cartridges


Consensus Valveless Metering  Pump E 200


For dosing liquid chemicals, solvents, suspensions, etheric oils and oils in food applications

Functional principle Consensus valveless metering & dosing pump E 200

The piston is flattened at the front to about 65% of the diameter. Dosing is accomplished by the synchronous rotation and reciprocation of the ceramic piston in the precisely mated ceramic cylinder liner. One complete piston revolution is required for each suction/discharge cycle. In the suction phase [1], the pressure side is blocked, the axial movement is sucked in, since the piston performs a rotating and axial rotation at the same time. The piston reaches a so-called 0 position in the rear position [2], that is, the input and output sides are blocked. In the forward movement [3], the pressure side is released and the suction side is blocked. After this, the piston is in the forward position [4]. The process is then repeated.

Valvless Pump Mechanism
Metering Pump for Medical, Laboratory and industrial Application