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Supercritical CO2 Technologies,  indeed PICLab SFE & SFC Systems have become the giants in analytical, purification and separation technologies. Our Supercritical CO2 Technologies  are the most versatile. efficient and cost-effective technique to produce intact extracts and high purity products relevant to Pharmaceutical and Natural Product industries.
They contributes to Reduced Carbon Footprint – using reclaimed CO2 coupled  with on-line recycling

PIC Solution introduced the concept of “One Machine – Multiple Uses” by designing a single instrument capable of doing both analytical and preparative SFC. More recently, our “One Machine – Multiple Use” concept was expanded to a new series of SFC instruments designed to do both CO2 Extraction and CO2 Separation, an ideal combination for Pharma and Natural Product applications including Hemp remediation and individual cannabinoid isolation.

The PICLab-Team would like to empower you to become the most effective Chromatographer using SFE & SFC!  With our program “Productivity by Design™” you will move ahead!


Who are we

The innovative  PICLab Team is a global collaborative network comprising of three driving organisations comprising

1. Mohamed Schaimi PhD, Chemical Engineer foundet 2004  PIC Solution in Avignion, France.  Together with his team he is responsible for design, IPR and construction of the hard and soft ware.

2. Gerard Rosse, PhD, Medicinal Chemist and  Autor of the Book Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. He runs PIC Solution US Office in San Diego to build the US-Market

3. Willi Glettig. Dipl. Ing. Chem.  President & Owner of LCC Engineering & Trading GmbH and Chromatographyshop.com, Egerkingen, Switzerland. We distribute SFC materials since 1995 and are menber of Society of Medicinal Plant Research for 25 years.

are also supported by partners in India, China and Israel


Customers of PICLab  SFE & SFC Systems

Our customers include the leading Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food processing , Nutraceutical Natural Product extraction companies around the globe. Those industries are especially interested in environmentally friendly and sustainable CO2 Separation (SFC) and CO2 Extraction (SFE). Since many years they are seeking renewable technologies for solving the waste and disposal problems, SFE and SFC can contribute to the more expedient delivery of better compounds while minimizing the impact on the environment in which we live.


Applications of PICLab SFE & SFC Systems

  • Chiral separation
  • Large scale separation
  • Achiral separations – Libraries Purification (small molecules, peptides)
  • Impurities isolation
  • Extraction of Natural Products
  • Production of Nutraceuticals
  • Bioanalysis & eADME
  • Membrane Permeability Testing
  • Formulation

Complete Product Range



  1. Fully automated Extraction – Chromatography – Hyphenated Instruments
  2. Lab Scale – Pilot Scale – Production Scale Systems compricing of 7 special product groups and 21 special systems

    SFC Systeme

PICLab Analytical SFC Systm with Detector
PICLab Analytical SFC Systm with Detector. Versatile and fully automated analytical SFC for routine analysis, method development and QC of chiral /achiral small molecules, peptides and natural products
PICLab Hybrid SFE/SFC System
PICLab Hybrid SFE/SFC System is a compact to carry out method development, preparative separationand fraction analysis. For chiral/achiral small molecules, peptides and natural products
PICLab Super SFC
PICLab Super SFC a fully automated system for process scale purification of enanantiomers and complex mixtures of small molecules, peptides and natural product inclusing cannabis/hemp extracts
PICLab Open Bed SFC System
PICLab Open Bed SFC System offering routine mass-trigered and UV trigered purification of mg to multigram singleton or libraries of chiral / achiral small molecules, peptides and natural products

SFE  System

PICLab SFE System
PICLab SFE System designed for efficient, safe and costt-effective CO2 extraction of drug discover compounds and phytochemicals to produce intact natural extracts with no residual solvent

SFx (Mixed Systeme)

PICLab SFx System
PICLab SFx System is a “one machine-multiple use” design to do both purification and extraction of drug discovery compounds, natural products including cannabinoids
PICLab MAGNUM System for large scale turn key compound production based on natural rawmaterials

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