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Fraction Collectors

Why fraction collectors

After separating or purifying the target compounds the eluent with the ompound fractions will leaves the column either to the a detector  or directly to the fraction collector.

There are many different models of fraction collectors, small once, large ones, round ones and large once – it all depends what you aim to achive.  Most users of fraction collectors do that to harvest the separated and purified compounds for

  1. Further Analysis
  2. Sale of purified compound
  3. Clinical evaluation
  4. Further syntheitic modification

What kind of Fraction Collector fits your requirement?

 There are a wide range of different Fraction Collectors available  ranging from Integrated square box types for mainstream analytical HPLC systems to Rotary FC to XY Cartesian FC and Prep and Production Scale Fraction Collectors with and without EX Protection.  Most people require special performance parameters and have some ideas how much they are ready to pay. We offer a standart range, adoption of standart rang to meet special requirements or   custom design and construction.  Our Range comprises :

Consensus Rotary Fraction Collector FC 80


The compact Rotary fraction collector represents an easy to use and competitive alternative. It is a reliable partner for basic systems.
It has and inbuilt timing system to dial 1 to 99 sec or 1 to 99 minutes fraction collection for each collection vessel. For more complex, computer or detector controlled systems  an impulse cable is available to trigger a signal  via TTL or potential-free contacts.
Optionally we can supply  waste/fraction valve to dispose eluents into a larger storage tank. Additionally the valve is operated during every change. A marker indicates the fraction change in the chromatogram. The spring supported arm automatically changes from one to the next the row. Manual interaction is not necessary anymore.

Technical specifications

Compact rotary fraction collector
3 standard racks for test tubes as follows
12mm diameter tubes (104 tubes)
18mm diameter tubes ( 79 tubes)
30 mm diameter tubes ( 33 tubes)
Automatic row switching
Central operation
Integrated timing controller 1-99 min/sec.
External triggering with TTL or zero-potential contact
Trigger for waste fraction- valve
Dimensions (W x D x H): 230mm x 350mm x 530mm
Diameter of rack: 290 mm
Part Description
Article numbers
LCC Rotary Fraction Collector FC80 including glass rackFC80-
Rack for test tubes 12mm FC80
Rack for test tubes 18mm FC80
Rack for test tubes 30 mm FC80
Waste/Fraction valve FC80
Impulse cable FC80

Consensus Spider Fraction Collector

Spider Fraction Collector is a solenoid valve system that can be controlled through an external PC with 32 bit Window system and appropriate Driver program, – manually through the PC keyboard or automatically through a PC program. Spider allows automation of flash or preparative chromatography fraction collection process
An input three-way solenoid valve is connected before pump.
Solvent supply through the valve to the pump is through valve B. For sample injection use valve A that is switched on for a programmed time. Valve C is used for column washing.
An output six-way solenoid valve is connected to the detector output. Wanted fractions are collected by switching on/of various positions of the output six – way valve.
At the back panel connector are pins that can be switched on by the program ECOMAC. They can be used for control of next units, for example, for external valve switch on when column is washed.
Fraction selection is either by
1. Time table control
2. By peak detection from a peak detectors signal

Technical Specification
Mixing valves 1x 3 ways 1x 6 ways
Maximum operating pressure 1.3 bar (0.13 MPa, 20 psi)
Wetted materials PEEK, PTFE
Thread for tubing connection 1/4“-28
Connection tubing OD 1/8“
Number of switched output contacts 2
Maximal voltage at switched contacts 35 V
Maximal current at switched contacts 50 mA
Control RS 232
Power supply 100, 115, 230 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 20 VA
Dimensions (W x H x D) 220 x 170 x 450 mm
Weight 3 Kg

Part Description
Article number
LCC Spider Fraction Collector FC Spider1

Driver Software for 32 bit Window programs FC-Software Spider

Consensus Fraction Collector XY-FC160

This compact Fraction Collector XY-FC 160 posses various possibilities to collect fractions. Besides impulse- and time-controlled fraction collection one can gather the flow quantity of the pump and thus collect an adjustable volume per fraction. This Fraction Collector can also be used in parallel chromatography to collect fractions in up to 10 channels at the same time.
Customer-specific tanks can be integrated by simply adjusting the rack parameters.
With the optionally available waste/fraction valve unused solvents can be disposed in a larger storage tank.
Additionally the valve is operated during each glass change. A marker indicates the fraction change in the chromatogram.

Technical specification
Compact XY-fraction collector wit optional Z-axis
2 standard racks for testing tubes
1.for 16mm tubes (160 tubes)
2.for 30mm tubes ( 80 tubes)
1 programmable rack
1, 2, 5 or 10 channel fractioning
Impulse-, time-, volume- and drop control
external triggering with TTL or zero-potential contact
triggering for one waste/fraction- valve
Dimensions (W/D/H): 290mm/430mm/410mm

Part Description
Article numbers
LCC XY Fraction Collector FC 160 including glass rack
LCC 44060
Rack for test tubes 16mmFC160
LCC 44061
Rack for test tubes 30mm FC160
LCC 44062
Waste/Fraction valve FC160
LCC 44063
Impulse cable FC160
LCC 44064

Consensus XY-Fraction Collector FC 1000

Large XY fraction collector for prep and production scale environment. Designed for LCC HPLC Pumps. Compatible with many other pumps.
Standard racks for 0.5 litre and 1.0 litre bottles.

Technical Specification
Large XY Fraction Collector
Z-movement optional
Impulse, Time and Volume fraction controls
Waste-/Fractions Valve
Easy to program console
Easy to handle
Integrated program to control LCC HPLC pumps (Start/Stop/Flow)
Standard Rack Set for 0.5 l bottles (60 Fractions)
Standard Rack Set for 1 l bottles (40 Fractions)
Part Description
Article numbers
LCC XY Fraction Collector FC 1000, including console, waste valve and base plate
Set (60 Fraction) of racks for 0.5 Litre bottle
1 x rack for 0.5 Litre bottle
10 x 0,5 l bottle
10 x Cap for 0.5 l bottles
Set (40 Fraction) of racks for 1 Litre bott
1 x rack for 1 Litre bottle rackle
10 x 1 litre bottle
10 x Cap for 1 litre bottle
Mobile rack, stainless steel with space for 2 pumps and solvent containers

Consensus Modular Fraction Collection System CMFC 4000
Our Modular System 4000 comprises a base plate with column which carries a XY(Z) Robot and a touch screen panel to program dedicated tasks that have to be performed. The base plate has a slightly recessed area for holding different types of racks and vessels to collect the fractions (Test tubes of various sizes, flasks, vials, bottles etc). The only decision for clients is to select from three choices of Fraction Collection Systems with different dimensions of X and Y movements. Anything else is easy programmable by the users
Benefits and Tech Specification
Removable XY system
Freely and easy programmable XY system
Height of fraction collector arm is variable: dynamic adjustment to length of vial
Touch screen panel serves as the programming console
Tree different base models
CFMS-4000-1: Base Plate = 30 cm (width) by 50 cm (depth)
CFMS-4000-2: Base Plate = 46 cm (width) by 50 cm (depth)
CFMS-4000-3: Base Plate = 49 cm (width) by 57 cm (depth)
The programming console can be positioned independent of the instrument
Programming of the fractionation time or pump output volume
Automatic rack recognition
Peak detection
Flexible capacities
Aggressive solvents pose no problems because the housing and vial racks are made of stainless steel
Small size and optimal usage of available space
Unique tubing for solvents
Built-in flow interruption valve and delay/waste valve
Up to one litre of fractionation volume
Fractionation of an unlimited number of fractions (programmable)
Drain racks for collection of up to 100 fractions independent of volume
Choice of different vials and containers, ranging in volume from a few millilitres up to one litre
Line or meander operation modes for distribution
Multiple chromatography, simultaneous dosage of up to 20 column fractions
External inlets and outlets

Part Description
Article numbers
CFMS 4000-1: Base Plate = 30 cm (width) by 50 cm (depth)
LCC CFMS 4000-1
CFMS 4000-2: Base Plate = 46 cm (width) by 50 cm (depth)
LCC CFMS 4000-2
CFMS 4000-3: Base Plate = 49 cm (width) by 57 cm (depth)
LCC CFMS 4000-3
Standard Rack set for 240 x 36 ml test tubes
See price list
Micro Rack Set for 360 x 7. 5ml test tubes
See price list
Prep-Rack Set for 60 x 140ml test tubes
See price list