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Advanced Liquid Chromatography Systems

Advanced Liquid Chromatography Systems for innovative Chromatographer

Advanced Liquid Chromatography Systems are molecular purification/separation instruments. Indeed they empower the user to go beyond. They are used in a wide range of applications by a wide range of professionals. Every one of our systems is created for unique applications. Every application has specific technical needs and jargon. Our clients work in a technically demanding and competitive market.

The tendency today is to commoditize the complex work environment and to hire short term specialists on assignments. This leads to disruptive careers, growing staff turnover, and procrastination.

History has shown that openminded staff with a Passion for their Professionalism, Productivity, and Precision (the so-called 4 P staff) tackle competition with innovative problem solutions.  We develop unique instruments and tools to empower  4 P’s to permanently expand knowledge and skills.

We must learn to cope in an increasingly unpredictable world

In a global world, there will always be competitors from low-cost economies with well developed professional knowledge and skills. Thus we create Systems that are price competitive and we train the user to maintain and understand the operation  of his system.

Corona has shown that we suddenly have to take lives in our own hands. LCC’s equipment design concept takes this into consideration.  Chromatographers clients may suddenly demand high quality and total reproducibility in their output.   At other times we have to cope with major crises that change everything (Pandemic, company dissolves, client or mandate changes etc.). In such cases the chromatographer may have to work from home, has to come up with innovative or much more competitive solutions.

To achieve the highest quality and reproducibility we use the very best components from our industrial partners. Such systems we name LCC Consensus XYZ. Consensus means a general agreement between all parties and the compatibility of components used.

If suddenly large disruptions occur only specific professional groups are being affected. You may have to become an independent service provider, become more diverse or creative in your provided services, etc.. In such a case we create systems for the professional group that is affected. Here we have to balance the selection of unique components with costs. We assemble them in a mobile, small footprint, compact systems. The name reflects the targeted professional group.

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