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Instruments and Tools

Life Sciences are driven by innovation!

Innovation requires unique instruments and tools so that you can create unique methods and to IPR protect your innovations. Highly skilled innovators have broad interests and get inspired by methods and tools outside of the box. (Cross fertilisation of ideas!)

We offer a wide range of unique instruments and tools

    Advanced Gas Chromatography    

Preparative and Process LC Systems

      Medium Pressure LC Pumps          

          High Pressure LC Pumps             

                    Specialty  LC Pumps               

                    Syringe Pumps                    

           Tubing and Capillaries               


Stainless Steel Columns and Sundries

            Various  Glass Columns            

                     PEEK Columns                    

                  Glass Cartridges                  

                   Plastic Cartridges             

            Sample Injection Valves        

                   Manual Valves                

                      Motor Valves                 


                 Fraction Collectors           

           Flanches and Adapters         

In the section Sample Preparation there are further tools that could improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

                   Flash and MPLC              

               Solid Phase Extraction       


                    Syringe Filters                  

               Vials and Innert Vials