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 I guess you agree, Life sciences can only grow by innovation. Innovation requires unique instruments and tools to enable R & D to create unique methods and IPR. All new emerging technologies such as Chromatography companies follow two different strategies.

  1. Technology Driven and
  2. Finance Driven Strategy.

With finance driven strategy finance people (Hedge Fonds, Private Equity, Venture Capitalist) acquire several new technologies creating companies including some assets in the companies that use the new technologies. The whole motive is to improve the return on their investments. As a result of that they sign sole purchase contract with the controlled technology users. The contract forces them to procure technologies only from the controlled suppliers. That is a legal form of monopolization and supported with rational reasoning by leading managers, many politicians and much of academia.

Technology driven strategy is knowledge driven. Economist argue that progress comes from competition with better products replacing less developed products. This is particularly important in knowledge driven industries such as life and health science and technologies. A pharmaceutical company can’t grow if they don’t create better and more competitive primary products such as medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and med-tech products. It is also important for creators and suppliers of tools that contribute to more advance and competitive (primary) products. Unfortunately, in the western word monopolization has made it most difficult for technology driven instrument and tool suppliers to access the primary product producers.

Instruments and Tools Industry is Progressing

Luckily, the technology is moving forward and becoming more divers.  Many governments in emerging economies are hesitant to collaborate with large finance driven enterprises. They foster local production of primary products.  Instruments and Tools creators are highly specialised.  They sell few products but highly focused in the global markets.  This is a huge growth potential for new primary product manufacturer to collaborate with such highly specialised tool manufacturers. The tool manufacturer maybe also door opener for the primary product manufacturer into their base market.  Suddenly primary manufacturer in new economies have partners to help them internationalizing their products with better production technologies.

How you Benefit from the Consensus Philosophy

 Consensus means

  1.  In accordance (We act in accordance with international rules and regulation )
  2. Agreement (The different parties came to an agreement.)
  3. Compliance (All technologies/contracts were established in compliance with the same understanding of product quality or applicable laws.)
  4. Conformity (Alle components in our tools are in conformity with the quality or uniqueness definition or laws)
  5. Match (There are many matches between us and the ambitions of our clients and partners)

Every technology driven company has expertise in one or two fields. However, to stay independent and to survive it must collaborate with friendly partner and to sell expertise from such partners. For 25 Years we work together with many independent, highly specialised tools creating partners to create together tailored solutions under the brand name ConsensusTM XYZ.

We all agree that

  • Our tools must be price competitively
  • Must be better and more advanced than mainstream competitors
  • Our approach with clients must be flexible
  • We offer a quick, reliable, and competent support and service
  • As technically driven partners we communicate data, in a frank and open manner.

Our Client partners are highly skilled Chromatographers

They understand how to use and maintain their instruments and tools. In finance driven organisations everything must be exchangeable. Contracts are established with the equipment suppliers to maintain the Instruments. Chromatographers are tool users only. However, for us it is important that our clients have a high degree of freedom to choose those tools so they will be sure that the instrument will improve productivity. Equipment that is cared for by its users is more cost effective, they last longer, and the users job security is much better because he can react to a problem quickly.

As family owned specialist and supplier of price-competitive tools we care unable to setup in every town a sales/service office. However, speed of solving problem is the essence of service. We are developing technologies to on-line assist our clients in every corner of the globe.  Furthermore, we guide our clients to perform easy equipment maintenance and repair.

Since our beginning we have a growing number of loyal clients. They appreciate our attention to details including quick and uncomplicated service.

Thanks for your support

Willi Glettig