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Topsil HPLC Column Alternative Selectivities

Topsil HPLC Column, low cost alternativ for different selectivities

Topsil series HPLC column is a next-generation column by Welch, besides Ultisil, Xtimate and Welchrom.

This series uses different silica and provides different selectivity.


  • High purity silica (99.99%) with 150 Å pore size and 250 m2/g surface area
  • 12% carbon loading for C18 phase
  • Because of large pore and moderate carbon loading, Topsil® C18 phase can also be used as AQ-C18 without phase collapse
  • Endcapped for excellent peak shape and lifetime
  • Lower back pressure than Ultisil, almost the same column efficiency as Ultisil
  • Good for small molecules and peptides
  • Topsil phases including:
  • Topsil C18, Topsil C8, Topsil Phenyl-Hexyl, Topsil Silica, Topsil NH2 and Topsil CN