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Welch Materials Advanced HPLC Products

Welch Materials manufacturer of advanced chromatography products

Welch Materials is a fast growing innovative Chromatograhy product manufacturer.

They manufacture higly competitive high quality products in China. 

The product range is sold around the globe


  • Welch Material Inc was founded 2003 in Maryland, USA and Shanghai, China
  • The founder were several PhD scientists from top Universities such as MIT and  University of California at Berkeley.
  • There is extensive experience in particle surface modification and bonding chemistry. 
  • Over the past years they have developed many innovative  LC , SPE and GC consumable products

Product Range :

     Boltimate Core Shell Technology         

Ultimate HPLC & UHPLC Column  

Xtimate Hybride HPLC & UHPLC Column

Topsil HPLC for Alternative Selectivity

Welchrom Low Cost HPLC Column Range