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Promix Biomolecule HPLC Column


  • Promix  is for separation of biomolecules
  • Promix is an alternative chromatography technology for efficient resolution of peptides and proteins.
  • The technology is based on a combination of two interactions – hydrophobic and ionic.
  • This approach is possible due to a new type of separation media: a chemical combination of hydrophobic and ionic functional groups on a ligand bonded to a silica support.
  • With this phase, unparalleled selectivity and peak capacity can be achieved.
  • Independent adjustment of the amount of buffer and organic modifier creates an infinite number of separation conditions that are suitable for many types of biomolecules.


Promix® Enter a New Era in Biomolecule Analysis with Promix Columns Unsurpassed Selectivity and Peak Capacity for Peptides and Proteins
SieLC_Peptides Analytic with Promix
SieLC_Alternative Selectivity of Promix
SieLC_Peptide Digest Separation with Promix MP
SieLC_Peptides Different Gradient Types with Promix MP
SieLC_Proteins and Peptides on Promix Columns
SieLC_Separation of Insulin Analogues With Promix MP

There are four different Promix Columns to be selected as follows:

Use the following chart to select a column based on the analyte’s properties

Select the column length based on sample complexity

  • 150-250 mm for proteomics, protein digests, and complex samples
  • 50-150 mm for synthetic analysis and purification

Select the column i.d. based on sample loading and sensitivity needs

Mobile Phase should be pH 2-4 with:

TFA (0.05-0.3%)
Formic Acid (0.1-0.9%)
Ammonium Acetate or Ammonium Formate
Organic Modifier should be Acetonitrile
Ionic strength, pH, and organic modifier gradients can be used to optimize the separation

Promix Product Range