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Prevail HPLC Columns

The Prevail range of HPLC columns were developed by Alltech. Hichrom acquired this range from Grace.


The Prevail range exhibits long lifetimes in both highly aqueous and highly organic mobile phases. The stability
of these phases is such that a single column can be switched between highly aqueous, for analysis of highly polar analytes, and highly organic, for strong retention of hydrophobic analytes.

Key Features

Stable from highly organic to highly aqueous
Speciality phases for specific applications
Excellent sensitivity with microbore and
ELSD applications




Prevail Organic Acid

Prevail Organic Acid columns are silica-based  for maximum  efficiency  and  high  resolution. They can separate common organic acids with a combination of  speed, sensitivity,  and simplicity.  A simple acidic phosphate buffer and a Prevail OA column at ambient temperature will separate 11 short  chain organic acids in less than 6 minutes. The retention profile can be readily adjusted by changing the mobile phase pH.


Prevail Carbohydrate ES

The Prevail Carbohydrate ES column was discontinued by Grace prior to the acquisition of the Prevail range by Hichrom. Please contact our technical team to discuss suitable alternatives for your application.

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