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Allsep Ion Chromatography Column

The Allsep Ion Chromatography column range was developed by Alltech. Hichrom acquired this column range from Grace.

What is?

Allsep Anion is a methacrylate-based phase with quaternary ammonium functional groups, optimised
for use with both suppressed and non-suppressed conductivity detection. Columns are compatible with common IC mobile phases, such as carbonate, bicarbonate, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, phthalic acid, succinic acid, and sodium octane sulfonate.


Allsep Anion is recommended for applications involving inorganic anions, weak and strong acid ions, metal complexes and organic acids. It meets the requirements for the EPA method 300.0 Part A for determination of inorganic ions in water.

Key Features

  • 7 μm polymer-based anion exchange phase
  • Suppressed or non-suppressed
  • conductivity detection
  • pH range 2–10
  • Use with 0–100 % organic modifier
  • USP L23

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