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Alltima & Alltima HP Columns

Indeed, we are the official sole distributor of Alltima & Alltima HP columns in Switzerland. We are a technical company that offers fast and uncomplicated service and delivery lead times.

The Alltima HPLC column range

Was originally developed by Alltech.

Hichrom acquired the entire range from Grace. 2015 Hichrom was acquired by VWR. By 2017 Antor acqiured  VWR.

Alltima phases are acid and base-deactivated, giving excellent peak shape for acids, bases, and
neutrals in a single run.

Polymerically bonded and double-endcapped for long column lifetimes,

Alltima columns are great general purpose “workhorse” columns.

Key features:

  • Base deactivated silica
  • Stable bonding for long column lifetime
  • Symmetrical peak shape

Alltima HP HPLC Columns

The Alltima HP range of HPLC columns was developed by Alltech.
Hichrom acquired this range from Grace. 2015 Hichrom was acquired by VWR.  2017 Antor acquired VWR.

Alltima HP columns offer a range of different phase chemistries based on high purity silica.

The Alltima HP product family combines the selectivity and performance needed to
overcome the most challenging separation needs.

The low column bleed makes these columns ideal for microbore applications.

Key features:

  • High purity silica
  • Excellent column stability
  • Low to no detectable column bleed
  • pH stability from 1 to 10
  • Multiple selectivity options

Alltima HP Phase Specification

Phase Particle Size Endcapped Properties Application USP Code
C18 3, 5

YesClassic reversed-phase retention and selectivity Routine applicationsL1
C18 EPS3, 5

YesGreater retention and enhanced peak
symmetry for polar compounds. Alternative
selectivity to traditional reversed-phase
Reversed-phase applications where C18 is too
C18 High Load3, 5YesHighest carbon load for superior retention and
High resolution for complex samplesL1
C18 AQ3, 5Yes100% water wettableApplications requiring high aqueous mobile phasesL1
C18 Amide3, 5YesPolar-embedded phase with extremely low
bleed. Compatible with microbore
Basic compounds in neutral to alkaline pH, MS
C83, 5YesLower retention compared to C18 phasesReversed-phase applications where C18 is too
Cyano3, 5YesExtremely stable, long life and reproducibleIdeal for basic drug analysisL10
Silica3, 5NoHighly polar phaseGeneral purpose normal phase applicationsL3
HILIC3, 5Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography uses
small amounts of water for increased sensitivity
with microbore applications
Very polar analytes that are difficult to retain by


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