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  1. We are passioned to help Chromatographers achieving progress in their jobs.  

  2. Our delivery is fast, reliable  and uncomplicated.

  3. Creativity and uniqueness drives the life sciences. We  offer you a diverse range of  tools for creativity.  

  4. Chromatographshop is easy to use. If not let us know. Alternatively,  send us your specific request or technical questions by Contact Form

  5. Request a quotation and we immediately respond.  You can compare our price and conditions.

  6. With every purchase you have a chance to winn one week holiday for two persons  - in the legendary mountain resourt of Appenzell in Switzerland. Your invoice number is collected in a pool. One number from the pool will be drawn by first of December. The winner is contacted confidentialy and invited 

  7. The undisputed driving force of success  in the life sciences is innovation. Chromatographers used their skills to create millions of additional revenue for their employers. Unfortunately in recent years chromatographers have been reduced to assembly workers. Reject disrespectful treatment and regain your decision freedom. We help you to create progress with new ideas.  Dont hesitate to contact us  

Kromasil Special!

Kromasil Semi-Prep Campagne offering 30% Discount until 28. Jun 2019

Column: semi-pre col 250mm x 21.2 mm


  • Kromasil EternityXT - C18 packed with 5 or 10 um material
  • Kromasil EternityXT - C8 packed with 5 or 10 um material
  • Kromasil Classic 100A C18 packed with 5 or 10 um material
  • Kromasil Classic 100A C8 packed with 5 or 10 um material

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