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Chromatographyshop for better Chromatography and HPLC

As Chemists, Chemical Engineers and company owners  we know that any business will only survive if it  its clients are being strengthend  with better and smarter technology. We create new unique technologies and applications and represent a number of privately-owned companies that strive to be the best in their field. Indeed, we assert Chromatographyshop for better Chromatography and HPLC

 We are also like to motivate young people to visit our Knowledge Section  to enquire about the economic importance of purification/separation technologies and specifically about chromatography, for instance.  Professionals on the other hand use Chromatographyshop to procure unique products so as to achiev smarter Chromatography or HPLC

Chromatographyshop is here to help professionals to achiev better Chromatography and HPLC

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Indeed, you find interesting information that helps you to become more independent. Furthermore,  you discover in this website more than 60 000 products and processes.

Once more, you learn a lot just by reading chromatography producs specifications.  Chromatographyshop is divide in four commercial sections. We also have added a section that is intended to expand your know how as follows:

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  • In the Knowledge Sektion there is also a large Start-up Method Library

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  4. In recent years hedge funds acquired many life science companies. They are interested in maximizing returns on their investments. Also, they like to release experienced technical staff or to replace them with low cost routine persons. Under such conditions, job quality and job security is vanishing for everybody.  We are seriously concerned about this trend. Life sciences are knowledge driven industrial sectors.  It can only grow with new patened products, Consequently, it is important for us to discuss counter measures in our blog “Happy Chromatographer”

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      1. If you know what you need, please send us your Product description, quantity and dimension, Art. Number or also technical questions. Due to the fact that many E-Mail finish-off in spam/trash odners.  Please always use our Contact Form.  We reply and deliver fast.
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Sample Preparation Techniques

Column Manufacturer from A to L Column Manufacturer from M to Z

 Instruments and Tools


Technology Development.

Chromatography is a young science and technology. Indeed, Chromatographers have created billions of additional earnings for their companies. As a result of that, they were rewarded abundantly. Subsequently, we help loyal customers to generate additional revenue through innovative approaches.
Bear in mind, your wellbeing is directly connected with your decision to achieve productive and innovative outcomes. (write to us Contact Form)

Personal Development

Pursue always the highest professional standard in Chromatographys. Using Reverse Phase Methods is popular. 80 % of all jobs are done with RP chromatography. Unfortunately, RP methods show not always the anticipated high resolution and reproducibility. As specialists you differentiate yourself from others by applying more appropriate methods. Chromatographers that understan to read interpret and shape chromatograms and career-path-o-grams are rewarded with job security. In our page “ Happy Chromatographer” we discuss various strategies. In summary, we aim to improve your professional recognition and wellbeing. Innovation and uniqueness determine the future and achievement of all life sciences and technologies. Prove the cynics who claim your livelihood is going to be substituted by Artificial Intelligence that they are wrong. To conclude it is up to you to construct many different processes and tools.

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