Chromatographyshop stands for better Chromatography and HPLC

Why is Chromatographyshop so special for you?

Since 1995 we belong to a diverse group of passionate, service-oriented, and creative chromatographers. As chemists, biochemists, chemical engineers, biologists, biotechnologists, forensic scientists and entrepreneurs, we are constantly developing new products, methods, and problem solutions, mainly for applications in life sciences, food, and the environmental industries

The chromatography industry has grown very successfully thanks to a large number of innovative companies and creative universities. Now we are witnessing large finance investors controlling healthcare and the life sciences, to improve their profitability with generic tools, poorly paid, and insufficiently trained staff including automation. After having experienced several financial crises, our industry cannot afford to be involved in other crises.

Chromatographyshop has a large customer and follower community all over the world that supports us by procuring unique products and new technologies. They appreciate our variety of unique products and the continuous development of our skills. We divide the globe into sales territories. Inquiries from outside our territory are forwarded to the responsible owner of the local territory.

Chromatographyshop cannot be stopped by COVID19! Shopping with us is straightforward and reliable. Simply send us your list of requirements by using the contact form or use our online shopping function.

Chromatographyshop offers you the largest selection of genuine and unique chromatography products worldwide.

The availability of specialty products is difficult in some countries. We offer an inexpensive way to solve this problem. Simply send us your monthly or bimonthly list of requirements. We deliver all your requirements together and ensure that you get the most competitive offer with original products. This is a very convenient service to enjoy the best and most reliable customer service.

Many customers stay with us for years since we have a very good name as a service provider and practically no staff turnover. Customers can rely on our commitment to quality and service.

Over the years and together with our highly competent partners, we have been able to support and strengthen our customers with unique products.

Support us so that we can support you with high-quality and unique products and values. In an unpredictable world, you need reliable delivery partners and we guarantee to stick to our promise

Dear Chromatographer, the last thing what you need in the aftermath of COVID19 is to be rationalized away by some finance investor. Success in health and life sciences are knowledge based and driven by specialists!

Human health is complex. Abroad range of people in universities and innovative SMEs work every day in the background on improving our health. We collaborate closely with researchers and developers in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, med-tech and diagnostic companies to develop outstanding new medicines, diagnostics and medicinal equipment with a broad variety of tools.

COVID19 revealed enormous shortcomings with regards to specialists, equipment and materials in hospitals. To repair the damage, large sums of taxpayer money had to be invested and debts incurred.

Chromatographyshop is concerned that large investors in health and life sciences are reducing diversity and progress to increase their profitability.

Important technical knowledge has been lost in recent years since staff training programs are no longer funded. Expensive specialists are replaced by poorly paid unskilled personnel or by automation. Production is outsourced in low cost economies. Diversity and attention to details are important component for progress in health and life sciences.

Chromatography is a young and very important technology with excellent growth potential

Chromatography is about separation, extraction, purification of molecules, compounds or particles from heterogeneous mixtures. It is important to analyzing and understanding the molecular structure to create high-quality diagnostic, therapeutic and synthesis of new materials and products.

Further development of chromatography is important for many people. Under no circumstances can we allow that a few finance gamblers to exploit the health sector and life sciences for their own gains on costs of progress in R & D and better health services.

Chromatographyshop is determined to motivate chromatography specialists to continue finding better solution and to further develop technical knowledge in molecular separation technology. In complex matters we need various tools to get a broad perspectives and data to find the truth in research resulting in reliable and effective products

It is our responsibility to mobilize professional chromatographers to put more emphasis on creating new applications, methods, processes, and tangible values

At Chromatographyshop we are passionate and responsible chromatographers. We take over coordination in this growth project.

Behind Chromatographyshop is a network of highly competent partners who have developed many innovative and novel products and systems in the past few years.

You, the practicing chromatograph out there. We ask you to be design new products and systems.

We assist with market research, find potential trustworthy manufacturers, help create new values and negotiate fair costs and revenue distribution.

The term “value” is a big and abstract word. In the coming weeks I will discuss different dimensions of value creation with you.

Dear customers and friends of Chromatographyshop

Let’s open a new era with new and advanced separation, extraction and purification technologies.

Let’s return to creating knowledge, value and respect for chromatographers.

After COVID19, some people intend to return to the normal world. This is possible after everybody has been vaccinated or is immune due to infection. This will take at least 12 to 18 months. Some realists argue that it will take until 2023. After such a long period of time, there is no return to normal. In front of us is a new world that we have created and shaped ourselves. Become part of it!

In the new world, we still will be surrounded by 8 billion competitors with problems. Lots have contributed good ideas to solve them cost-effectively with valuable answers. If we do that on a bilateral collaboration scale it will be cost neutral and competitors have become collaborators.

Please use the contact form to send me your name, address, email address, telephone number and a brief description of your job. I will send you an access code to our confidential discussion forum

It will be a pleasure to collaborate with you!

Willi Glettig. Co-owner of Chromatographyshop