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Since 1995 we are part of a diverse group of passionate, service-oriented, and creative chromatographer. Chromatographyshop is for chromatographer chemists, biochemists, chemical engineers, bioStainless Steel HPLC Columnslogists, biotechnologists, forensic scientists, and entrepreneurs,

We are constantly developing new products, methods, and problem solutions, mainly for applications in life sciences, food, and environmental industries.

We create our own and represent manufacturers of speciality products, instruments, and consumables.  Many such companies were founded as privately-owned companies by highly innovative and skilled entrepreneurs.

Every company had a set of unique skills.  Collaborating with other partnering specialists empowered all of us to create more complex constructs.  Today we are a competent group that can solve very complex problems. We also evolved unique technologies to move the industry forward. LCC Flash Cartridge Holders

Pharmaceutical companies survive only by innovation and by fixing up their poor productivity. The worst strategy is to commoditize the industry and to outsource research and development or to automate processes.

The chromatography industry has grown to a very successful segment thanks to a large number of innovative people, companies and creative universities.


Unfortunately, 10 Years Ago the Health and Life Sciences Entered Into a Dark Chapter 

After the financial crisis, 2008 finance investors, such as Hedge Funds and Private Equity speculators decided to buy parts of the lucrative health and life science industry throughout Europe. They had to repair their poor investments.  Processes were simplified and automated, To improve profitability specialist were replaced by low cost poorly trained staff, and pharmaceutical APIs were imported from Asia.

Then various raw material and lab supply companies were acquired and consolidated. Purchasing managers in large companies were instructed to procure only from companies they own.  This is a legal form of monopolization and commoditization. And the changes were done quietly in boards rooms by a small circle of managers. Life science companies are seen by the public as an organisation that help sick people. If the public discovered that they push different goals they will quickly lose credibility!

Much of the research was outsourced to taxpayer-financed universities.  Many Universities introduced Entrepreneurship courses.  Venture Capitalists taught young students that building new companies requires Venture Capital and signing of term sheets. The inexperienced young people were taught to collect substantial amounts of funds from family, relatives, and friends. The funds were invested in unnecessary admin issues and in assembling the advisory board. Unfortunately, only about 1 %  of the Startups were able to raise venture capital and under questionable conditions.  Many managers from large enterprises, government administrators, and academics supported this system that produces 99%, disappointed and frustrated people. 

Every Chemist understands “State of Aggregation”,- a law of nature.

If one condenses molecules, put them under pressure, take away the freedom to move, they change to another state of aggregation. This natural law also applies to people.  Many have gone underground to quietly protect themself from being manipulated. Another build-up defence mechanisms.  Since 2018 we witness growing chaos and apathy.   New entrepreneurs are emerging with new technologies trying to move the economies forward

The Health and Life Sciences is a technically complex field.  Its staff is complex. Trying to control the industry with financial power results in declining productivity.

The industry can only grow with innovative people that create new growth and focus on the improvement of productivity. Much of the innovation comes from external suppliers because they are being judged and they earn income with their innovations.

To understand mechanism we often have to return to simple constructs and then analyze the individual components. This is what we do with Chromatography – we separate complex mixtures for reasons of precise analysis or purification. The resultant is improved knowledge, product quality and profitability.  We have to stress, this is not the same as the Strategy of Divide and Rule where a few get wealthy, many are frustrated and many are turned into losers.

Chromatographyshop is proud to have many loyal clients around the globe

Already Darwin said: “Not the financially powerful and well-organized one will survive but the agile ones that permanently adapt to the environment!”

As a private company, we regard our clients as part of the family. For us, Chromatography is a young science with known and not yet discovered properties.  Over the years we have learned how to separate very complex mixtures of large and small molecules and particles. We have empowered many specialists to analyze molecular interaction and reaction properties in many systems e.g. in a bloodstream, urine, in a microbiome, etc.

Every company has to compete. Cost is a large factor of success in competition.  The largest cost components are labour and technology costs.

Financially centric companies undertake efforts to reduce labour costs, control the technology, and try to expand the number of clients.   This can be achieved by offering discounts, replacing product-users with robotic or artificial intelligence, monopolizing access through IPR or through supply contracts with the clients, copying-modifying competitive products, or by acquiring competitors.   

As an agile and creative, family-oriented, privately-owned company we help our clients to improve productivity and creating unique results. A client-centric strategy empowers our clients to increase their profitability substantially. They can diversify into new applications and markets.

To achieve better results we communicate, collaborate and motivate technically skilled people that enjoy working in chromatography. A motivated staff is a strong signal that the employer respects the quality of work and skills. Such employees have the freedom to choose their preferred tools. They are innovative and empower their employer to compete with smarter products and services.

Chromatographyshop is successful in global markets.

Chromatography is growing worldwide.  The emerging countries have different needs than established countries. In many countries, there is no Chromatography infrastructure yet.  Since many years we supply fast and cost-efficiently all kinds of material and consumables to clients in such countries.

We also provide technical help and if possible in the local language.  As a Swiss company, we are part of a  politically neutral and democratic system. Our clients may have different political, religious, ethnic, and gender requirements. We appreciate that but for us, you are our clients that have separation/purification problems.  We see our mandate to be neutral and to focus on helping to solve your problem efficiently and effectively.

In return please communicate with us openly and truthfully so that we can assess your problem realistically.  Everything we do is confidential. 

Chromatographyshop is trying to reduce cost and to increase your profitability

Overall we have roughly about 8000 diseases. Unfortunately for 6500 Diseases (primarily orphan or rare diseases), until now,  there are no therapies.  The current cost for developing a new active pharmaceutical ingredient is about USD 4.8 Billion.  That is simply too high and no financially driven company will invest money in drug discovery.  We need new business models and strategies to move forwards.

Being a technology-driven company we encourage entrepreneurial people to take on the challenge and to change the world.  We have assembled 1. traditional analytical and prep systems, 2. Compact Chromatography systems and 3. Systems for Smart Entrepreneurs.

Our chromatography systems are affordable. We like to empower you to commence new Analytical Services or Compound Production companies. 

It is common sense, every startup commences as a small private company.  We are developing Instruction Manuals to help you to get off the ground with clever cash flow management.  The information is available to our clients.

Dear Entrepreneurs and Clients from emerging economies join us in the post-COVID era

Chromatographyshop cannot be stopped by COVID19!  Shopping with us is straightforward and reliable. Simply send us your list of requirements by using the contact form or use our online shopping function.

The availability of speciality products is difficult in some countries, especially in emerging economies. We offer an inexpensive way to solve this problem. Simply send us your monthly or bi-monthly list of requirements. We deliver all your requirements together and ensure that you get the most competitive offer with original products. This is a very convenient service to enjoy the best and most reliable customer service.

Chromatographyshop offers you a very large selection of genuine and unique chromatography products worldwide.

COVID19 is generating unemployment. Every economic crisis is changing the world. It is a fantastic time to build a company and to participate in building the “New World”. 

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