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LCC Consensus HPLC Pump R400

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LCC Consensus HPLC Pump R400

  • High pressure, low pulsation high quality double head piston pumps with reciprocal piston movement.
  • For use in HPLC, MPLC, SFE and constant flow applications.
  • Pump heads are available in SS 1.4571, PEEK or Titanium. Spring supported PTFE piston seal.
  • Pressure control via pressure sensor,digitally indicated in bar. As safety precaution pressure can be controlled within a low and max range.
  • Flow rate is controlled through control of motor speed.
  • The pump can be controlled externally analogue or digitally through RS 232

Technical Specification:

Process controls

LCD Display  : for process parameters
LED Display  : for pressure indication
Controllable Safety Switch  :  Min. / Max.
Valve Seats  :  Sapphire / Ruby
Pump Heads  :  Stainless Steel or PEEK
Piston :  Sapphire/ Ceramic
Precision of Flow Rate  :  0.5%
External Control Analogue  :  0-10V DC/0 – 20 mA
RS232 (optionally RS485)

Exits :

Pressure 0 – 10 V DC
Flow Rate 0 – 10 V DC
Error Indication
Pressure Limitation : Hi/Low
Window modus
Upper Limits
Lower Limits


Width 225 mm
Heights 255 mm
Depth 510 mm
Power:  100 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 11 Kg (Packed approx. Kg 18)

Structure of Product Description :

Product Name / Material (SS or PEEK) / Flow Rate (ml/min) / Max. Pressure (bar)


Structure of Product Description :Product NameMaterial (SS or PEEK)¦Flow Rate (ml/min)¦ Max. Pressure (bar)/Art No.

Additional information

Weight 18000 g
Dimensions 600 × 300 × 280 cm
Product Description

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