Ultron Column by Shinwa

Ultron manufactured by Shinwa Chemical Industries Ltd. in Kyoto Japan comprises a range of speciality columns


Ultron Chiral Column

The Ultron ES series of chiral columns is manufactured by Shinwa Chemical Industries Ltd., Japan. Columns packed with protein immobilized silica (Ultron ES-OVM and Ultron ES-Pepsin) and chemically bonded cyclodextrin (Ultron ES-CD and ES-PhCD) are available.

Ultron Phase


Particle Size (μm)

Pore Size  A

pH Range


Ovomucoid protein

5, 10


3 - 7.5



5, 10


3 - 6





3 - 7.5


Phenylcarbamated β-cyclodextrin



3 - 7.5

Ultron ES-OVM

  • USP L57 designation
  • Wide range of chiral recognition
  • Reversed-phase eluents
  • No derivatization required

Ultron ES-OVM is a chiral separation column immobilized with ovomucoid protein. Applications include pharmaceutical compounds, pesticides and organic compounds. Figure 1 shows the separation of ethiazide on an Ultron ES-OVM column.


Ultron ES-Pepsin

  • Reversed-phase eluents
  • No derivatization required

Ultron ES-pepsin is a chiral separation column immobilized with pepsin. It is particularly effective for the enantiomer separation of basic compounds that are difficult to separate on other columns.


Ultron ES-CD and ES-PhCD

  • Reversed-phase and normal-phase modes
  • Excellent stability and durability

Ultron ES-CD and ES-PhCD are chiral separation columns chemically bonded with β-cyclodextrin and phenylcarbamated β-cyclodextrin respectively. They are particularly effective for the enantiomeric separation of hydrophobic cyclic compounds.


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