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  1. Advanced Method Development  Seminars 2017, a performance qualification approach with Dr Harald Dibowski. Contact us to find out when and were the free of charge seminar is being held .

Quick Delivery and professional Service

  1. The user market is in disarray. Purchasing is outsourced to non professional people who dont understand the complexity of the industry. As a result of that wrong purchases grew exponentially and delivery has become abysmal. Chromatographers are under pressure to produce high quality data in a given time. Dont accept low quality service! We provide you with the the highest quality service you deserve. Try us to experience the difference.

Interesting Methods

  1. The global market for diabetes drugs is growing fast. One of the leading API  called  Exenatide is out of patent. Many generics manufacturer are  interested in participating in this market opportunity. We developed a method for  for Exenatide Variants Analysis. Contact us  for assistance.
  2. Food/Feed/Agro Application:  Make your life easier with  QuEChERS. More about this methods here.
  3. Drug Discovery: Enhance your IPR position. Small innovative material companies can help, we show you how. click here
  4. Environmental Analytics: Many trace analytical data are not reproducible or wrong. We can show how solve the  to problem
  5. Proteomics: Why is ERLIC better than HILIC? click here

New Columns and phases

  1. Ultra-Inert Solid-Core Columns with extended pH Stability, Discover new Ace UltraCore
  2. Ultra-Inert UHPLC and HPLC Columns with extended pH Stability Discover ACE Excel Super C18
  3. Increased polar retention and alternative selectivity. Check ACE Excel C18 Amide
  4. Combining CN polar selectivity with enhanced hydrophobicity. Check ACE Exel CN-ES
  5. Must Try! World's first amino acid analysis column for LC-MS operation with  IMTACT Intrada Amino-Acid
  6. Kromasil launches a range of Super Critical Fluid phases
  7. Multi mode core-shell column with reversed-phase and cation exchange ligands SIELC Coresep 100
  8. Multi mode core-shell column with reversed-phase and anion exchange ligands SIELC Coresep SB
  9. Multi mode core-shell column with HILIC  and ion exchange ligands SIELC S
  10. Introducing “FLARE”,  a novel nano-diamond  core-shell material for RP, IEC and HILIC Chromatography at  extremes of pH and Temperatures. click here

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