Princeton Chromatography

Princeton Chromatography is more than 35 years active in the field of SFC and HPLC . They also offer custom column packing services for column up to 50 mm Id  HPLC and SMB columns

Their Factory is in Cranbury, NJ.

The product range is as follows


PrincetonSPHER 60

60 A pore size 10, 5 and 3 Ám spherical particles HPLC columns are  optimal for compounds under 1000 MW. This high surface area media is base  for situations when high resolution is needed. In most cases retention  times will be longer than with 100 A material. All PrincetonSPHER 60  columns are packed with an ultra high purity silica media that is custom bonded at our facility to ensure the highest standards of quality.

  • Small pore size yields high surface area of 500 m2/g
  • Excellent resolution for your toughest separations
  • Unique selectivity and retention characteristics as compared to common offerings from our competitors
  • Use for compounds under 1000 MW
  • Largest variety of 60 A column choices on the market today
  • Optimized for long column lifetimes



PrincetonSPHER-100 columns are our most versatile. 100 A media is extremely common in the marketplace, but PrincetonSPHER-100 can stand above the rest. With excellent batch to batch reproducibility and a large variety of phases, its hard to go wrong with these columns.

  •     Average surface area of 325 m2/g
  •     Extremely versatile
  •     Excellent for method development or replacement in an existing method
  •     Ultra high purity silica gel
  •     In stock and ready for delivery in two days or less
  •     Can be used as an equivalent to Phenomenex Luna, Waters Symmetry or YMC ODS-A



  • 300 A pore size 5 Ám spherical particles HPLC columns.
  • These are the columns of choice for large molecules such as proteins and peptides.
  • The low surface areas of these packing materials are beneficial for separations requiring low percentages of organic modifiers.
  • In many applications PrincetonSPHER-300 columns are equivalent to columns packed with Nucleosil and Vydac



  • 100 A pore size - 10, 5 and 3Ám sherical particles columns are prepared with a high quality spherical silica that has been specially processed to yield a homogeneous silanol environment for bonding.
  • Proprietary bonding chemistries applied to the specially treated silica result in phases that can separate basic compounds with excellent peak symmetries.
  • The polar imbedded functionality employed in the bonded phase chemistries deactivates neighboring free silanol groups and enhances the wetability of the bonded ligands.
  • Enhanced ligand wetability makes the ULTIMA C18 column especially suited for applications requiring straight aqueous mobile phases.



  • Non-collapsing C18 hydrocarbon phase
  • 100 ┼ pore size - 5 and 3Ám spherical particles HPLC columns feature novel stationary phases which does not collapse in straight aqueous mobile phases.
  • The OMNI columns are endcapped with a proprietary endcapping reagent which imparts low pH stability and base deactivation properties to the columns.
  • OMNI columns are excellent for a wide variety of applications.



  • For High Throughput Screening
  • 60┼ pore size 5 and 3 micron spherical particles HPLC column
  • New C12 phase developed for high speed analysis and semi-preparative applications.
  • The 60┼, 400 m/g spherical silica used for the stationary phase support was selected to give sufficient capacity for complex mixtures analyzed in the gradient elution mode.
  • The unique structure of the C12 ligand facilitates rapid equilibration between gradient runs.



  • 100┼ pore size - 5 and 3micron spherical particles is a proprietary phase containing a well-defined and reproducible, branched-chain hydrocarbon ligand.
  • The structure of the C27 phase minimizes the folding that can occur with traditional C18 phases, this allows use with neat aqueous mobile phases.
  • Retention for most polar compounds, including hydrophilic low molecular weight carboxylic acids, is enhanced.
  • PrincetonSPHER-C27 can be substituted for C18 in most applications.



  • 200 ┼ pore size - 5 and 3 micron stationary phases is bonded with a distribution of long chain hydrocarbons that have an average length of C-30.
  • This material has been found to successfully separate many isomers in the carotenoid family of long chain molecules. Along with other large molecules such as proteins and peptides.
  • This material has good stability over a wide pH range.



  • Pentafluorophenyl Column
  • 60 ┼ pore size 3 and 5 Ám particles HPLC columns are prepared with a high quality spherical silica.
  • The PFP column has been shown to be very effective in separating natural products such as Taxol and related Taxanes.
  • The PFP columns is an effective alternative to conventional Phenyl columns for difficult separations.
  • PrincetonSPHER-PFP HPLC columns are useful for differentiating Halogen bearing compounds from their non-Halogened analogs.


PrincetonSPHER - FO

  • Fluorooctyl
  • 60┼ pore size 3 and 5 Ám particles HPLC columns are prepared with a high quality spherical silica.
  • The Fluorooctyl columns is an effective alternative to conventional Phenyl columns for difficult separations.
  • The Fluorooctyl columns are also effective in the separation of natural products such as Flavanones as well as Halogen containing aromatics.
  • PrincetonSPHER-Fluorooctyl HPLC columns are useful for differentiating Halogen bearing compounds from their non-Halogened analogs.



  • 125┼ pore size 10 and 5 Ám irregular particles HPLC columns
  • Meets the criteria of economy, performance and ruggedness.
  • Princeton Chromatography is able to offer these columns at modest prices due to proprietary silica preparation and bonding techniques.
  • Every PrincetonSORB column is individually tested.
  • PrincetonSORB columns are excellent replacements for columns packed with LiChrosorb, Econosil, Partisil, Maxsil and Bondex packing materials.



  • PharmaBOND 125 ┼ 10 Ám irregular particles HPLC columns provide adequate resolution and highly reproducible from lot to lot for most applications.
  • PharmaBOND columns are excellent for USP methods, economical and available for immediate delivery.
  • PharmaBOND HPLC columns are high performance direct replacement for Waters ÁBondapak applications.


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