Efficiency Tools

Smart tool to improve your work efficiency and effectiveness.

There are many ways to increase your effectiveness and efficiency

  • 1. Cost reduction (waste reduction, raw materials consumption reduction, low lean and competitive plants / equipment etc.
  • 2. Productivity improvement (to increase yield, parallel processing, process automation, labour cost optimization etc.

We are permanently developing new tool that will improve your performance


Sequential Column Tester

  • 5 Column -  one bypass unit (comprises of two six way motor valves)
  • 9 Column - one bypass unit (comprises of two ten way motor valves)


For sequential washing or testing columns. Eluent / Solvent supply for each column can be controlled. Column under operation, valve position and low pressure eluent / solvent valve is is indicated on LED-display. Step gradient operation possible through control of low pressure eluent / solvent valve.  Low dead volume do to tight design Ever column has its own .


BLCC_Column Tester websize
Technical Data
  • Process controlled inert valves
  • Fast switching times
  • RS 232 Interface (RS 485 optional)
  • TTL and Open Collector
  • Optional BCD with 6 way valves
  • With 10 way valve control is via BCD
  • Power supply : 100 - 240 V , 50/ 60 Hz

Product Specification

Art. No

Product description


5 Column Tester with one by-pass and a low pressure six way eluent valve


5 Column Tester with one by-pass and two low pressure six way eluent valves


5 Column Tester with one by-pass and without eluent valve


9 Column Tester with one by-pass and one 12 way low pressure eluent valve


9 Column Tester with one by-pass and without  eluent valve

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