ACE Ultra Core

ACE Ultra Core

A Revolution in Reverse Phase Chromatography:
ACE UltraCore Super C18 and Super Phenyl Hexyl

  • Ultra-Inert solid-core UHPLC/HPLC columns
  • High efficiency 2.5um and 5 um solid-core particles
  • SuperC18 and SuperPhenyHexyl phases with extended pH Stability

Encapsulated Bonding Technology (EBT™) for improved chromatography and stability

The unique Encapsulated Bonding Technology (EBT™) developed for ACE SuperC18 columns dramatically increases ligand coverage of the silica surface and effectively  eliminates the effect of unbonded silanol groups from separations. This higher ligand coverage results in improved inertness, chromatographic performance and stability.


Under aggressive acidic conditions  ACE SuperC18 is highly resistant to ligand cleavage (See Fig 1), due to a combination of the Encapsulated Bonding Technology  (EBT™) and ultra-inert ACE silica. Many C18 bonded columns will exhibit ligand cleavage under acidic conditions, resulting in retention shifts and/or increased peak  tailing.

ACE UltraCore Comparison

ACE Ultra Core Super C18

 Chromatographer in Water analysis, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental, Toxicology, Food Safety, Clinical, Forensics, Metabolism, Trace Analysis. This is for you!

  • Ultra-inert 2.5 um and 5 um solid-core particles for sharp peaks and high MS signals sensitivity.
  • Ultra low bleed profile  for minimal background  in all UV and MS Applications.
  • Columns stable between pH 1.5 and pH 11 for maximum versatility.
  • Rapid analysis formats available including 0.5 mm and 1 mm id columns
  • With ultra-low bleed and rapid column equilibration without memory effects, while also being compatible with MeOH AND MeCN,  the ACE SuperC18 UHPLC & HPLC columns have improved LC/MS compatibility

ACE SuperC18 Advanage 1


ACE SuperC18 Advanage 2


ACE SuperC18 Advanage 3
ACE SuperC18 Application


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