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Happy Chromatographers are productive!

Dear Chemist, Biochemist, Biologist, Technician and Chromatographers.

I am conversing daily and especially with people in the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and food sector.  Many employees just execute their job description.  However, happy staff go beyond. They help their employer to improve productivity and with building wealth. Technical people do that by creating valuable unique compounds or methods. Uniqueness can be secured by patents. A patent as matter of facts  is intangible value that depending on country and measures taken can produce huge additional revenues.

Managers love to commoditizing the industry

Since about 2014 the amount of disgruntled and unhappy people is growing steadily.  Most complain that they are not taken serious and put under pressure by managers. During the past 50 years huge amount of unique resources were created and kept in the archives and brains. Digitalisation has shifted lots of data and information into databases that are accessable by everybody. Unfortunately information is not a valuable resource – knowledge is. Fortunately the human brain has the power to link millions of ganglias in one or many brains and databases. The human brain can also assess human desires and needs. Combining the two ressources with skills and knowledge leads to new to the world and unique products and services. Indeed   unhappy people  cook for alternative pastures,

Individualisation is growing

Digitalisation is giving more freedom individuals. The gap between commercialy minded managers and product or technical properties mindet workers  is growing.  As consequence of that we witness a growing disrespect in the work environment. To demonstrate authority managers significantly increased staff turnover by employing specialist for a relatively short period of time.  In the global market cost competition is real.  Managers react to it by cost saving programs. That includes not only  outsourcing into low cost countries but also cutting staff or shrinking the list of technical working tools.   Technical staff starts to procrastinate and to avoid risk taking activities.

We must return to create unique problem solutions

In the past century life science and technology has grown  because  a very diverse rage of suppliers pushed it forward. They contributed innovative ideas and so advanced the industry. In this section we will talk openly about todays tabooes and problems. Industry always battles with impurities and contaminations. It is an illusion to abadon or to ignore advancement of purification and separation technologies. Artificial intelligence is a process that will not advance industry. It requires brains and people that propose ways how we can get back to a productive and enjoyable work environment that benefits everybody, Send us your contribution!

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