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Kromasil Eternity Column

Kromasil Eternity

Kromasil Eternity and EternityXT can be used in a wider pH window than regular silica-based HPLC materials, giving more flexibility than ever when running analytical applications or optimizing for large-scale applications.

Unique Particle Technology

An organosilane is immobilized on the silica, and under certain proprietary conditions merged into an organic/inorganic interfacial gradient. The pores are virtually returned to their original size, resulting in a surface exhibiting both organic and inorganic moieties. This process step is what gives Kromasil EternityXT its extreme chemical stability, extending the pH range and column life-time

What that means for the user

  1. High chemical stability means longer product lifetime therefore reduced costs.
  2. High performance at high pH certainly means improved selectivityand higher loadability
  3. High loadability at high pH results in high productivity and reduced costs
  4. High mechanical stability means long life time plus reduced costs

Kromasil Eternity Products Range