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Kromasil by Nouryon

Kromasil silica material provides extraordinary physical properties.

We manufacture for more than 30 years the leading silica material in industry. Our Kromasil product line is made by the Separation Products group.  We are all  focussed on developing outstanding packing materials for HPLC/SFC/SMB technologies. As a matter of fact, we are determined to permanently improving efficiency and to decrease costs in your separation step.

Indeed, when  Kromasil introduced its first silica-based packing materials in the market, it was then a big step ahead   with regards to effectiveness in liquid chromatography.  Indeed, the combination of high pore volume and surface area, together with a very high mechanical stability made this new packing material unique. Until today this combination of Kromasil properties is still unmatched by other chromatography packings on the market.

Meanwhile Nouryon are the new owners

Kromasil is a brand of Nouryon . formerly known as AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals. Nouryon is a global company with about 10 000 employees in over 80 countries. Furthermore it is a producer of essential chemicals. Nouryon is commited to  business growth, safety, sustainability and innovation. It seeks to develop strong partnership with customers.

Distributorship in Switzerland

By 1995 appointed Akzo Nobel, today Nouryon the company LCC Engineering & Trading GmbH  as their Kromasil Sole distributor for Switzerland. LCC is Chromatography specialist and competent to provide high quality technical service .

Prep & Production Scale Chromatography

Purchases beyond 2 Kg material is considered as Bulk Purchases and should be done directly by Kromasil. However we can help you to simplify and accellerate the ordering/purchasing process. Just contact us by Contact Form or Telephone.

How to optimize your productivity

Kromasil Prep-Chromatography

Kromasil Bulk Availability

Kromasil Product Range comprises:

       Classic Kromasil HPLC Columns         

             Bio-Chromatography Column      

                 Kromasil Eternity Column         

         CoreShell Technology Column          

                  SFC Kromasil Column                 

                  Chiral Kromasil Column