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Hichrom HPLC Columns


Hichcrom was founded 1978 and focussed on professionally packing  HPLC and UHPLC columns. They quickly grew to worlds most proficient column packer company .  They also developed and manufactured  their own special products listed in the product section below.

After turn of the century many chromatography companies decided to consolidate their productrange and to sell out to Hichrom.

Product Range

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Ion Chromatography  Column including Allsep and Hichrom brands

                           Hichrom Column Connection Hardware                          

                               Alltima & Alltima HP HPLC Columns                              

                                               Apex HPLC Columns                                            

                                               Apollo HPLC Column                                           

                                            Genesis HPLC Columns                                         

                             Partisil & Partisphere HPLC Columns                              

                                             Prevail HPLC Columns                                          

                                         Ultrasphere HPLC Columns                                    

                                               Vydac HPLC Column